Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce

Hurley Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce
The Hurley Area Chamber of Commerce is comprised of a diverse membership that is agressive with promoting businesses, organizations, and activities throughout the area. Our community pride is strong. Working with all types of business, we are excited to be able to offer a full, rounded chamber membership to our community. For more information on membership, contact our office.

Providing visitors with useful information on our area is important to our staff.  If you have questions or need specific information contact our office:

Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday, 9:00am - 3:00pm / Friday, 9:00 am - Noon

715-561-4334, Office

715-561-3742, Fax

hurley@hurleywi.com, email

We are here to help!!

Board of Directors

Sharon Ofstad, President - Sharon's Coffee Company/East Wing

Jaci Matusewic, Vice President -- Associated Bank

Bob Zell, Board Member - Business: Bob Zell Construction

Anna Lardinois, Board Member - Business:  North Star Beverage

Judy Nevala, Board Member - Business: Nevala's Cozy Cabin

Gary Pelkola, Board Member - Business:  Iron Nugget Restaurant

Jay Aijala, Board Member - Hurley City Council Appointee

Darrell Petrusha, Board Member - Hurley Fire Department

Annie Van Epren, Board Member - Annie's Pub




Welcome to Hurley

We are Truly One of a Kind!

Home of the "Silver Street Experience" & the Greatest of the Great Lakes “Lake Superior”
Wild Activities for the Adventurous!

Bring your friends and family to discover the northern eastern tip of Wisconsin. “Where 51 Ends and the Fun Begins.” We are a fourseason playground. In the spring enjoy the roaring waterfalls, and fishing. Bring on endless summer days enjoying the family camping, boating, or biking. Explore the best ATV & Side by Side Trails in Wisconsin. We also have some of the best Asphalt for your motorcycle pleasure. We didn’t get the name “Snow Capital of Wisconsin” for nothing. Discover the best snowmobiling, cross-country & downhill Skiing on the planet. We have a season for everyone. Which is your favorite?


Silver Street’s five blocks run rich with history from our prohibition years to having Al Capone and John Dillinger seek the solitude of our beautiful area. Hurley is still as lively as ever, and has been for more than 130 years. Close your eyes and take a step back in time to discover the secrets of Hurley’s Heritage. Although we have evolved throughout the years, Silver Street is still full of fun nightlife, entertainment and History. Come Dance with Us!


Explore our vast forests, remote waterfalls, little mountains, hidden canyons, hundreds of miles of silent and motorized trails and the biggest freshwater lake in the world. Let your spirit soar as you have fun while relaxing and getting away from it all. Enjoy a casual setting with warm, friendly hospitality.


Forget your rigid protocols; Leave your wrist watch on the night stand. You’re not going to find a lot of commercial attractions with set schedules and fees for your vacation in the Hurley Area. Our waterfalls roar around the clock and admission is FREE. The sun rises when it does. You don’t need a Iphone to tell you when to catch a breathtaking sunset over the shimmering waters of Lake Superior.

Lodging, Casual & Fine Dining!

Whether you want to stay in a cozy condo or a welcoming hotel, we have them both. Between our mouthwatering menus and reasonable prices, no one can say “no” to the great restaurants we have. Friendly folk’s with deep roots in a community that welcomes visitors is what you will discover in Hurley.

Your Destination!

You know those people who tell you to get out more often?......Here’s where they go……
We hope you enjoy your stay, and Leave Exhausted!