Cross Country Skiing

Nordic Skiing for the fun of it!
If the skinny skis are your favorite way to have fun in
the snowy wilderness, you’ll love the 140 KM of trails
around the Hurley Area. With such a huge forest,
there’s plenty of room here to enjoy nature silently and
removed from the louder winter fun. You and your
family can discover Iron County’s excellent cross country
ski trails. The Montreal Trails pass by the remnants
of the Montreal Mining operation and provide a variety
of options to ski the right distance and difficulty
for your ability. For the ultimate in scenic beauty and
challenging skiing, the Uller Trail surpasses all others,
winding through the Penokee Range. Experience the
Mecca Trails near Mercer, with the rolling terrain, vistas
of Little Turtle River and Flowage. You will find a
variety of vegetation from aspen, and pine plantations.
Join us for some of the most pristine, scenic beauty and
challenging skiing.

Uller Trail system w. km