Miles and miles of back roads and trails meander throughout Northern Iron County's deep forests, so bring your compass, GPS and sense of adventure!!  These routes are a spectacular way to experience nature and see wild areas unlike any other in the state.

Quiet gravel roads and single track back country trails wind through forested areas and past lakes, streams and waterfalls that cascade over iron rich rock.  Our trails incorporate many of the county's historic transportation, mining and lumbering sites --- explore them all.  Trails are beginner to intermediate ability level, on gravel and forest roads.

In addition to the marked routes using paved and gravel roads, there are miles of forest roads.  These roads were used to access previous timber sales and are generally double -track trails that are dirt, not gravel.  These trails are great for hiking, but be aware of where you are traveling as the forest roads are not marked and you will need to find your way back.

The Iron County Sportsman's Map shows all of the back roads and some forest roads.  It also gives you an idea of land ownership, although it is not as accurate as a plat book.  Contact our office to get a map.