Lakes and Fishing

Down below you can find a PDF document titled "Lake Information" containing information about some of the surrounding lakes and how to access them.

Lake Information


Lake Superior Magic – Saxon Harbor


It’s the biggest freshwater lake in the world….and we have one of the longest sandy beaches on the lake! Our Saxon Harbor has expanded to accommodate twice as many boats as before.
Lake Superior, containing a full 10% of the earth’s fresh surface water, is a beauty to behold. The water within our lake is equal to all of the rest of the Great Lakes combined, plus three more Lake Erie’s. Here you can fish, explore, hunt for agates along her shores, swim and sail.

Tracy Lee Charters is available for an exciting Lake Superior experience you will not forget. Our Saxon Harbor “Wisconsin’s best-kept secret” This Charter provides sport fishing or cruising off the Southern Shores of the Lake. Enjoy the experience as you hook some enormous lake trout that are the best eating in the area!
Saxon Harbor is a harbor of refuge on Superior’s Oronto Bay. The main beach stretches westward some 4 miles toward Marble Point on the Bad River Indian Reservation. Toward the east one sees Little Girl’s Point as the second point that marks off the bay. The shoreline is rockier in this direction as you reach the mouth of the Montreal River and can see Superior Falls from the lake.





Gile Flowage – Just “Wild” Enough
Come join us for a wilderness experience in the heart of northern Iron County. The Gile Flowage is the last large undeveloped “laurentian shield” lake in Wisconsin. It’s a wild place where the night sky is still dark and shines with stars. The Gile Flowage is part of Excel Energy’s hydropower system along the Montreal River. The Gile helps provide a consistent water supply for the power generations, while creating a pristine flowage prized for fishing, boating, kayaking, and its unspoiled Northwoods character. Fish species included Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Muskie, Northern Pike, Crappie, Bluegill and Perch.

Island Lake – “A Little Piece of Heaven”
Island Lake is located in the Center of the County off the beaten path. Find solitude on a 356 Acre Lake. Island Lake specializes in Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Crappie and Smallmouth Bass. Lake Depth is a maximum of 8 feet. Take the kids in the canoe to catch that first fish to experience the real Northwoods atmosphere.
The Gile Flowage & Island Lake are rated “A-1” for musky fishing.