The Colors of Autumn

You don’t have to travel to New England for the most spectacular colors of autumn.  We’ve got a million acres of hardwood forests surrounding Hurley.As September draws to a close, our forests blush with color.  We have two color seasons!  The areas south of our Penokee Mountains show some of the first color in Wisconsin. These areas can be found in the routes along the Gile Flowage, in the Oma/Pine Lake, Island Lake areas and along Hwy 77 west of Hurley. The areas north of the Penokee Mountain Range running towards Lake Superior tend to show their colors a bit later. Take Hwy 77 west of Hurley and moving north to Saxon (turn north on 122 in Upson) past beautiful Weber Lake and continuing along 122 until it meets Hwy 2. From there you can either travel west on Hwy 2 to the Gurney area, or continue north following the Harbor Drive loop through Saxon Harbor.  Our color season and land formations are often compared to the famous colors of New England.  Discover breathtaking vistas from a little mountain top, experience beautiful waterfalls, and Fall’s fiery richness in our pristine forestlands.  The vibrant colors of autumn are just the beginning around Hurley.  The farmers market on the north side of town brings incredible produce right from local farms to you.  With color, wilderness, waterfalls, festivals and serenely quite days, Fall is a most excellent time to take a retreat to Hurley and refresh you frame of Mind!