Iron County Farmers Market

Iron County Farmers Market

Iron County Farmers Market is a non-profit organization dedicated to the people of Iron and Gogebic Counties and surrounding communites.  We strive to provide families with locally grown produce and handmade items that are both unique and artistic as well as friendly to the environment.  At the same time, we provide farmers with the ability to sell their produce directly to the consumer.  This ensures that produce is fresh and that farmers are fairly compensated for their hard work.

When you buy produce from local growers, you are ensuring that your hard earned money is able to be put back into the community.  Money that is spent locally is recirculated in the community.  This helps to provide jobs to our area.

When you purchase food from a farmers market, it is picked fresh and sold as soon as possible.  When you buy produce from large chain stores, it is often picked underripe and shipped large distances which decreases quality.  It is also impossible to know exactly what happens to your food on the farm and on the way.

When you buy from your local farmers, you are able to speak directly to the person who is growing your food, and it is likely that your produce was picked ripe within 24 hours of you purchasing it.  You can rest assured that you are providing your family with the highest quality produce.

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