Spectacular Waterfalls

Waterfalls in the Hurley Area

As our rivers race northward toward Lake Superior, more than 30 cascades surround the Hurley Area. Iron County has 14 some are easily driven to, while most are located in more remote wild areas unspoiled by the crowds. All are worth the adventure of finding!!


Trail Difficulty: 1(easy) - 5(difficult) 

Superior Falls

With a drop of 90 feet into the Montreal River near its mouth on Lake Superior.  Take Hwy 122 north of Hwy 2 approximately 4.2 miles.  Cross the Michigan border and continue another 0.5 miles to a gravel road on the left.  A parking area is available.

Potato River Falls

Potato River Falls - located in the Gurney area on Potato River. Head south from Hwy 2 on Hwy 169 for approximately 2.8 miles. Turn right on Potato River Falls Road, continue 1.5 miles. A town park with rustic campsites is available, ATV/ UTV access via routes.

Little Balsam Falls

Little Balsam Falls - located on the Tyler Forks River, approximately 1 mile north of Hwy 77 and less than 0.5 mile south of the confluence of Erickson Creek and Tyler Forks River. There is a foot path to the falls, however this location is difficult to find and no parking is available. GPS Coordinates are helpful.

Upson Falls

Upson Falls - located in the Upson area on Potato River. Turn north off Hwy 77 at the Upson Town Park sign, then left at the end of the street. After crossing the river, turn left into Upson Town Park. Camping and picnic area available, ATV/ UTV access via routes.

Kimball Falls

Kimball Falls - located in the Kimball area on the West Branch of the Montreal River. From Hurley, approximately 3 miles west on Hwy 2, turn south on Park Road and continue for 0.2 mile. Turn west on Town Park Road. Picnic area and pavilion.

Spring Camp Falls

Spring Camp Falls - located in the Pence area on the West Branch of the Montreal River. There are two routes to this falls.
#1 travel south from Hurley on Hwy 51 to County Rd C. Follow road approximately 1.5 miles, County Rd C will turn north --- Don't go that way. Follow the gravel road WEST, which is Island Lake Road. After about a mile it turn south, follow another 3 miles to Falls Rd. Turn right, go about 1.3 miles. Follow rustic path signs.
#2 travel west from Hurley on Hwy 77 to South Elm Street. Turn south and follow approximately 0.4 miles to Spring Camp Road. Turn south, travel for 5 miles to a rough logging road on the left. Follow 0.9 miles to falls. ATV/ UTV access via Trail 13.

Saxon Falls

Take Hwy 122 north of Hwy 2 for about 2.1 miles, turn right on County B.  Go approximately 1.7 miles and turn left on Saxon Falls Road as County B goes sharply to the right.  Turn right at the fork in the road after 0.4 mile and proceed to the parking area.  Walk to the left and cross the steel footbridge over the river.  Once across the bridge, take the path to the left.

Wren Falls

Wren Falls - located in the Gurney area on the Tyler Forks River. Head south from Hwy 2 on Hwy 169 for approximately 5.5 miles. Turn left on Vogues Road, follow the gravel for 3.5 miles to a hairpin turn. Take the center road for about 1 mile where the road forks. Hike up the hill to a primitive campsite above the north side of the falls.

Rouse Falls

Rouse Falls - Travel west from Upson on Hwy 77 approximately 2.5 miles. Turn right on Casey Sag Road. A rustic trail is 1 mile north on the left side. Approximately 0.75 mile hike.

Foster Falls

Foster Falls - located in the Upson area on the Potato River. Go north on Hwy 122 from Upson for 5 miles, turn west on Sullivan Rd and proceed 2 miles to the river and falls.

Interstate Falls

Interstate Falls - located in the Hurley area on the East Branch of the Montreal River. From Hurley, approximately 0.6 miles west on Hwy 2 turn north on gravel road at Interstate Falls signage. Follow road 0.3 miles to parking on left. The walking trail is 0.3 mile to the falls.

Lake of the Falls

Lake of the Falls - located in the Mercer area on Turtle River. Travel north from Mercer on Hwy 51 for 1.4 miles. Turn west on Cty FF and proceed 5.2 miles. Turn left at Iron County Park/ Lake of the Falls sign. Popkos Circle Picnic and rustic camping facilities, boat landing with access to Turtle-Flambeau Flowage via the Turtle River.

Copper Falls

Copper Falls State Park offers waterfalls and deep gorges, hiking, bicycling, picnicking, fishing, swimming and camping. Concessions open seasonally. Located about 2 miles northeast of Mellen in Ashland County. Take Hwy 13 to the north side of Mellen and turn northeast on Hwy 169. Travel 1.8 miles, the park entrance will be on the west side.

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